Each item in our store has its own unique sizing, listed on the product page. Please measure yourself in the appropriate places and choose your size based on this information, rather than just buying the size you would normally wear.

Some sizes may correspond to your regular size but many of our products run small. All sizes given are in inches (rounded to the nearest inch), unless otherwise stated. Please allow for a difference of 1-3 cm due to manual measurements. 

Take size labels with a grain of salt. What we consider a small size in one item could be a large in another. We use a variety of suppliers, and each follow their own guidelines. You are beautiful no matter what the tag in your bodysuit says!

Always follow the information given in the product description to choose the right size. And if your item doesn't fit, we will happily take it back (does not apply to custom printed products - read our full returns policy). 

We are currently working on increasing our inventory of larger size products to offer our fabulous finds to women of all shapes and sizes! We appreciate your support while we source the best items for our customers. 

If you have any questions about the sizing of our products or our return policy, you can contact us at support@astoreonjupiter.com.